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Drone Industry Insight published its global drone manufacturer ranking (www.droneii.com)


TOP20 Drone Company Ranking Q3 2016

Old and new leader of the drone company ranking is DJI (1). The Chinese platform manufacturer remains expanding both company portfolio and market presence. Toy manufacturer Parrot (2) defends rank two with solid distance to the newcomer Xiaomi on rank three.

So far military manufacturers were not considered in the commercial drone company ranking. Since many of them opened their portfolio towards commercial solutions they are now part of the commercial drone company ranking.

Since we reached the evolutionary stage of end-to-end solutions, we also included a new category of companies to the ranking. Industrial solutions are not longer complex puzzles of choosing the right ingredients. Manufacturers increasingly start to offer UAS including software instead of UAV’s only. Therefore, we added the category “components and systems” to the ranking. This includes now UAV engine manufacturers like NW UAV or EnergyOR, sensor manufacturers like Headwall or Velodyne LiDAR as well as counter drone solutions with companies like Droneshield or Dedrone.


+++ Please note: there is an updated version of the chart below. In the version sent with the newsletter some country flags were not allocated correctly. +++


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