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Ultralink Solutions PTY LTD is a new founded company in Sydney, we are dedicated to provide electronic products of cutting-edge technology, robust design and better user experience to customers in Australia and New Zealand. With previous years' background in US semiconductor companies, we have profound insight in electronic product design, production and feature trends, we also built up wide connection with ODM manufacturers who supply to many famous electronic brands in US, Europe and Australia.
Ultralink Solutions’ video/signal processing products target to serve media industry, advertising companies, filming studio, AV projects. It's digital signal processing tech can benefit home theater installation at same time which is very popular today. In this field, our partner HOLLYLAND is a leading manufacturer of HDMI products. Established in 2012, it now has more than thirty experienced engineers, is among the quite few ones in the world who are capable to produce wireless HDMI extender at broadcasting grade: no compression, no loss & no delay, up to 450 meters. Its cable HDMI extenders include different types of FHD 1080p, HDbaseT 4K, FHD TCP/IP through net switch, Optic fiber extender, KVM extender etc., these products can extend HDMI video to far distance that traditional HDMI cable can't , its high video/sound quality combine with IR remote control, multi video distribution modes meet various requirements for both professional and home application while still be cost effective. 
Besides HDMI video, Ultralink Solutions also provide electronic door locks and other advanced building automation electronic products. 
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